Start Easy (Pack) programme

Start Easy (Pack) programme

Cleansing programme

“I have never used nutritional supplements before. Some of them seem quite powerful. What is the best way to get started?”


The AquaSource Start Easy Programme is recommended for all new customers. The Start Easy Programme is specifically designed to help your body slowly cleanse itself of toxins and waste matter. The Start Easy Programme also helps safeguard levels of enzymes and friendly bacteria.

The Start Easy Formula:

Enzymes - Digestive enzymes are crucial to proper digestion. Specific mixes of digestive enzymes are included to help support your body’s own natural digestive process.

Bifidus - Found naturally in the colonic area of the large intestine, bifidus helps promote a favourable balance of friendly bacteria, allowing efficient function and elimination of toxins.

Acidophilus - Native to the small intestine, these friendly bacteria also help maintain digestive health.

AquaSource Algae - never frozen, and dried at low temperature using our proprietary BioActive Dehydration® process, AquaSource Blue-green algae from Upper Klamath Lake is an extremely rich and pure source of a wide range of key nutrients.

Programme Summary:

  • All food and drink has to pass through their intestinal tract.

  • Detox programme to ensure levels of the important enzymes and friendly bacteria the digestive system needs to function efficiently.

  • Contains Algae, Digestive Enzymes, Acidophilus and Bifidus Complex.

  • 4 weeks’ supply


  • Supports the body’s own inner cleansing mechanisms.

  • Helps to optimize nutritional intake for well-being and vitality.


Week 1 – Take 2 Bifidus before retiring and 1 Enzymes twice per day before meals.

Week 2  - Take 2 Acidophilus in the morning 40 minutes before eating, one Enzymes twice per day before meals, 1 Algae and 2 Bifidus before retiring.

Week 3 – Same as Week 2 and increase Algae to 2 caps per day.

Week 4 – Complete Acidophilus programme, take Enzymes and increase Algae to 3 per day.

Drink as much spring or purified water as possible. This provides the body with an efficient conduit for elimination.